What Keeps Killing Your Relationships?

When it comes to love, many people tend to stay surface level. Most of us have surface relationships. We fell in love with an idea or a romantic story. Sometimes you’re were so busy trying to have “love” that you never introduced the poor man to the real you! So it stands to reason when the relationship ends, we only have surface answers. We don’t want to dig deep and figure out what happened. It’s too painful. It’s too scary. It’s too risky.

But what if you could get to the bottom of things? What if you could figure out why your relationships keep failing? What if there was a way to find out the real reason for the breakup? What if there was a way to avoid this kind of pain in the future?

Well, there is. And it’s called a coroner’s report.

An actual life coroner has the skills and training to go beneath the surface and find out what caused death. They aren’t afraid of the tough questions. They don’t shy away from difficult answers. Their focus is solely on one thing:

The cause of death!

And that’s exactly what we need when love relationships die. We need someone willing to look beneath the surface and find out what’s under there. We need someone willing to ask the tough questions and get to the bottom of things.

  • What are the clues your love relationships keep leaving behind?
  • What keeps happening in every one of your relationships?
  • What is the common theme at the end of your relationships?
  • What is beneath the surface? What is truly the reason for the death of your relationships?
  • What is driving you towards this type of man or this type of love?

Once you’ve identified the cause, you need to figure out how to fix it. How can you change your behavior? How can you avoid attracting certain types of men and/or drama situations? What boundaries do you need to put in place? How can you make things better? It’s not about the other person; it’s about you!

When looking beneath the surface of a failed relationship, it stops being about who did what. Instead, it’s about how and why. How did I allow this and why?

It’s about patterns, causes, and effects. It’s about understanding and then healing.

Here are five questions to ask yourself and begin the process of going deep beneath the surface:

1) What patterns can you identify in your past three relationships?
2) What is the common denominator in these patterns?
3) What did your parents teach you about a loving relationship?
4) What comes to mind when you think of your first heartbreak? What was the cause?
5) What are you afraid of in relationships?

These questions can help you identify the root cause of your love patterns and begin the healing process.

If you’re ready to go deeper, I invite you to take a journey of discovery and healing. It’s time for Love’s Coroner’s Report. This powerful tool is more than a journal. It’s a way to understand yourself at a much deeper level and begin making lasting changes in your love life.

When you’re ready for the “heart work,” I’ve got you covered. Love’s Coroner’s Report puts you in the white coat. You become the skilled coroner whose purpose is to find the underlying cause of death for your relationship. You will have guided prompts to help find out what keeps killing your relationships once and for all. At the end of this journal, you will have all the answers you need. You will have a heart that is ready and available to walk into a new love, the love you deserve.

Love’s Coroner’s Report is available as a digital download or a physical softcover journal.

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Your healing and new love are just on the other side. Get to work!

With love,
Coach Andrea O.

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