How to Create a Career You Love

You can make this happen when you take the reins and design your own career.

Imagine jumping out of bed every morning, excited to begin your workday!

It’s time to forget about the status quo and aim high. Follow your dreams and create a career that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

Designing an extraordinary career is possible; you need to believe in yourself and take the necessary steps. Remember, there are no limits other than the ones you place on yourself.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when designing your career. Be creative, imaginative, and daring. Dare to dream big!

There is one strategy that brings your A-Game into focus. The A-Game Strategy is the focus of every AIR Network member. Let’s break it down and get started:

Your Career Goal
What do you want to do long-term?

Imagine your life ten years from now. What does your workday look like? What are you doing every day that brings you excitement and joy? When you get up in the morning, what’s on your mind? Where is your office located? Are you working from a home office or the corner office in an office building? What kind of work are you enjoying? What kind of people are on your team? What’s your annual salary? What’s your title? Answering these questions is the beginning of designing your career. Notice the last question is about your title because your title is not as important as how you feel about your work.

Your Genius
Now it’s time to connect your long-term goal to your genius. What are you good at? What do people compliment you on the most? What are you passionate about? When you’re in your zone of genius, what are you doing? How does it feel when you’re in your zone of genius? Your genius is about your ability to take your talents, skills, passion, and values and put them into action to work for you every day. When it comes to your career, what brings you the most joy? If you are in sales, do you enjoy meeting with clients? If you are an entrepreneur, do you enjoy marketing and social media the most? The goal is to design a career where you do what you love to do 80% of the time. Over the next few weeks, think about the things you love doing. Then begin strategizing for ways to do more of those things.

Your Brand
Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Your reputation and brand is based on your personal values, skills, and talents.

How do you want to be remembered? What are your top three values? When people think of your name, what adjectives come to mind? Are you an expert in your field? What are you known for?

Branding is key when it comes to designing your career. You want to make sure that you’re portraying the right image and representing yourself in the best light possible. Your brand becomes your platform on which all decisions are made. The way to design an extraordinary career is to become a brand. What do you want to be known for? When people think of you, what do you want them to say?

Your Tribe
Who are your people? Who do you connect with the most? There’s a saying that if you want to know how successful someone will be, take a look at the five people they spend the most time with. Your A-Game Tribe should be those who support you, challenge you, and will also hold you accountable. Your tribe is your mentors, peers, and those you admire. Your tribe is those women and men who are always cheering you on. Every extraordinary career has a mentor in the background. Your mentor should be no more than two levels above you in title, and they are enjoying a successful career. Every year, decide who you will ask to be a mentor for you.

Your Growth
A career growth plan is you putting your goals into action. When it comes to your genius, your brand, and your tribe, how are you growing consistently? Beginning today, put together a reading library focused on helping you grow in your area of expertise. Enroll in a class or do something to further your growth each quarter. Take an online webinar, a LinkedIn course, or a class offered at your organization. Growth is the glue that holds the entire strategy together.

Designing an extraordinary career is possible when you have a plan and are willing to take action. With these key success strategies in mind, it’s time to get started!
Designing an extraordinary career is possible when you put your heart into it and take action. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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