Successful Career Strategies to Implement Now to Have a Successful 2023!

In December, many people prepare to celebrate the holidays with family and friends and they slow down their career journey. But for leaders in my tribe, December is “reflection month” – a time to reflect on your successes over the last year and predicts an even better coming year. Every year, I, like my tribe, go through my calendar and look at what meetings, relationships, and tasks were most enjoyable, and which caused me heartache. When it comes to your future career goals, taking a look back is the starting place.

During December, I take time to reflect on 3 Rs:

  • Responsibilities
  • Relationships
  • Returns

What Responsibilities Did You Enjoy in 2022?

Let’s begin with responsibilities. During the reflection month, I look at my responsibilities throughout the year. Starting with January, I look at every meeting, every task, and every project, and I make notes about each. I give an honest assessment of every calendar event. If it was on my calendar, I evaluate it. Which roles did I enjoy most? What projects brought me joy? What tasks took up most of my time? All these questions help me gain insight into how I managed my responsibilities throughout the year. I look for ways to delegate more things to my staff, and I look for ways to eliminate things that are not necessary. As a Career Coach and Life Strategist, I also reflect on how I helped my clients succeed.

Which Relationships Helped Your Career?

Next, I look at my relationships. During the reflection month, I review and reflect on which relationships were valuable and supported me throughout the year. This includes my business partners, colleagues, customers, and every relationship that took up my time throughout the year – even love and family relationships. I think about how these relationships have helped me succeed and what I can do to nurture them in 2023. I make a list of people I genuinely want to spend time with next year, and yes, I list those I would rather not spend time with. This may sound harsh, but it’s protecting my peace and purpose. Life is too short to spend time with people who don’t add value to your life. Are you spending time with people who are helping to transform your future? Are your relationships transactional or transforming? I only want to spend time with people who help transform my life and propel me forward.

The Return On Your Career Investment

Lastly, I reflect on returns. During the reflection month, I reflect on what returns I got from my efforts throughout the year. This reflection includes a review of my income and other tangible and intangible rewards. What did I get out of spending my time this way? How much money did I make? What did I learn? How much knowledge did I gain? These are all the questions that will help me see what returns I am getting from my efforts. Looking at how you spend your time and what you get in return helps you plan for the future. You can see what things help you grow and what things slow you down. We want to receive a return on our investments in business and life.

The best thing about reflection month is that it allows you to celebrate your success.

As you reflect, you may be reminded of great things you’ve accomplished over the year. Maybe you worked on a significant project in February, and that project turned into a higher raise or a new client. As you go through your calendar you may find yourself smiling at fun dinner dates with your colleagues or the celebration of a friend’s birthday. Take the time to smile and celebrate again. Send your team, peers or even a friend a quick thank you note so they can smile as well.

When you make December your reflection month, you learn to plan for a successful future. You intentionally get to decide what the future holds for you. It allows you to learn from the past and look ahead with hope. 

What did you learn during this time of career reflection?

I’d love to hear what you learned during this month. Feel free to leave a comment or Connect with Me to share your journey.

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