5 Leadership Lessons from The Woman King

Women Were Created for Leadership!

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching, The Woman King. The Woman King is a movie based on a true story that looks at the Agojie, a band of warrior women that protected Dahomey in the 1800s. It’s not hard to imagine a band of women whose sole purpose it to protect the kingdom. Women are the fiercest protectors on the earth, emotionally and physically designed to protect what we love. This movie was a pleasure for me because I could clearly see the leadership lessons in the film. If you are a woman warrior in the workplace or striving to be, this is for you. Here are five leadership lessons for women in leadership, from The Woman King to help you become an even better leader!

Leadership Lessons From a Warrior

Trust Your Instincts – In the movie, the female warriors knew that their instincts were sound and trusted them to make the best decisions for their people. These warriors had trained to fight, protect, and serve. As a leader, trusting your instincts can be a powerful tool. Instincts are more than reactive behavior – they help you to assess situations and act on what you already know. In many cases, listening to your mind’s instinctive response is the clearest indication of what you should do; your instincts pull from past experiences while bringing their importance into the present moment. Your instincts draw from your training, your experience, and your heart. This is where a woman in leadership does her best work. By allowing ourselves to tap into these powerful lessons from the past, we may find ourselves able to anticipate what lies ahead and improve our chances for long-term success.


Believe In Yourself & In Your Tribe – One thing that was evident in the movie was how confident these female warriors were in their abilities as warriors and the skills of their tribe. They knew they could protect their people no matter what obstacles stood before them, and they believed in themselves enough to do it! The strength and courage of the female warriors in the movie are undeniable. With each obstacle they faced, instead of cowering to fear or hesitation, their confidence shined through. They took the initiative when it mattered most, rallying together to ensure their people were safe and secure from any danger.

Camaraderie is Tangible

The camaraderie between them was tangible, and each warrior felt empowered by the support of those around them. To be a leader requires strong belief and assurance that you are capable enough for the role–confidence in not just yourself but also the ability of your tribe members to take on challenges with you. Believing in yourself and your tribe creates an unstoppable force that has the potential to achieve great things.

Action Is Everything!

Take Action – These women were not afraid of taking action when needed; they were willing to fight for what was right regardless of how hard it may have been or how dangerous it might have been for them. Leaders need to be willing to take action when necessary and not sit back and wait for someone else to do it first. Even the lowest level of warriors was not afraid to take action. As a leader, taking action is essential to success.

You will never succeed by failing to take some action.

After all, it’s the decisions and steps you take that will open up opportunities and solidify results. Any worthy battle may require risk-taking; likewise, decisive action is vital when leading an organization. You must be willing to fight for what is right and commit to the challenging action needed – no matter how difficult it may initially appear. Only through true courage and immense strength can any commander establish themselves as a formidable leader that their team members respect. So if you want to be a warrior for your cause, it’s time to charge ahead with the right strategy and take that bold step forward. Women who are true leader, take bold, courageous action.

Empower Others – As leaders, we should empower those around us so that everyone feels included and part of something bigger than themselves. In The Woman King, we saw women leaders giving constructive criticism and meaningful feedback when challenges arise, offering opportunities for growth and development through various assignments and tasks. Each soldier was trained in the art of warfare, but every team member had a unique strength to lend to the team.

In The Woman King, the soldiers understood the power of empowering others.

Their commanding presence and support of their team members gave everyone in the army what they needed to succeed: authority and room to grow. Although it looks different in every workplace, true empowerment consists of an atmosphere where those in leadership roles value different skillsets and strengths of those around them – providing a sense of purpose and worth within their roles.

Learn The Stories of Your Tribe!

Everyone Has a Story – As women leaders, we must always remember everyone has a journey, which is just as important to them as ours is to us. We must understand that every soldier has a unique story – how she came to join the tribe, the battles she fought in the past, and her reason for joining the fight. Although everyone in the film came from different backgrounds, their objective of defending the kingdom and abolishing slavery remains unified. As a woman in leadership, listening to and understanding the stories of our soldiers allows us to connect with them on different levels, genuinely leading them. Every background, experience, and struggle leading up to their current situation tells a unique story. As leaders, we must take the time to hear, understand, and respect each warrior’s story so that we can strive towards achieving this shared goal.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t share my favorite quotes and one-liners from the movie. Everyone who knows me knows I will throw out a movie quote in a heartbeat. I’m pretty famous for quoting lines from movies. So here are my top five quotes from The Woman King:

5 Quotes Worth Remembering!

  1. “We need smart warriors. The dumb ones die quickly.”
  2. “If I’m quiet, she won’t see me.”
  3. “Sometimes a mouse can take down an elephant.’
  4. “Here, I will be a hunter, not the prey.”
  5. “Beyond this wall is a palace of women.”

Female Leadership At Its Finest

Throughout human history, women have shouldered immense responsibilities as protectors and leaders of their communities, yet they often remain unrecognized in these roles. In the film The Woman King, we witness female leadership in its total power – a vision of womanhood that is triumphant and inspiring. Our female protagonists show us that strong leadership can lead to defense, protection, and prosperity for the kingdom. If you are a woman in leadership looking to take your rightful place, remember to trust your instincts, protect your tribe, understand them closely and create space for other women to thrive and grow. Women possess a profound strength and that strength can be harnessed to be an unstoppable force – across every field, nation, and culture!

Join Me As A Woman King!

The Woman King is a powerful story that every woman in leadership should see. It’s a reminder of how essential it is to trust our instincts, train and empower up-and-coming leaders and protect our kingdom. If we want to continue breaking glass ceilings and create real change, we must become intentional about growing the next tribe of women warriors. I’m on a journey to create a tribe of warriors who will lead fiercely, unapologetically, and with passion and power to succeed. I’m excited to create a “palace” where women lead courageously. What about you?

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