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3 Smart Actions Will Help You Build a Powerful Brand Story and Leverage Your Unique Skills

Have you ever wondered what makes you stand out from the crowd? Have you questioned what it is that sets you apart and makes you unique? If so, you’re not alone.

Everyone has unique skills, talents, and abilities that make them who they are. And when it comes to branding yourself professionally, those qualities are invaluable. The challenge most professionals face is they don’t clearly understand the unique superpower.

I call it your “genius.”

We all have areas where we perform and outperform others continually. Your genius is your superpower, and when used correctly, it can catapult your career forward with ease. So how do you understand your superpower?

It starts with knowing yourself. You have to know what unique skills and talents you bring to the table. But while we often know what we’re good at, we don’t always know how people need us to use it. A great brand story solves a problem, and you are the solution. Here’s how to leverage your genius so that others can benefit and, in turn, make you successful.

It starts with your tribe, the people who already “get” you and value your skills.

With their help, you can discover your unique superpower and use it to build your career. This simple path to building a powerful brand story involves just three smart actions:

1.   Reach Out To Your Tribe

The first step in understanding your superpower is to reach out to those closest to you—your tribe. This could include friends, family members, colleagues, mentors, or anyone who knows and appreciates your gifts and talents. I would even say go out on a limb and include your boss as a more senior leader who knows you well.

In this step, you will email 3 or 4 people in your tribe and ask them for honest feedback on your strengths. It might seem like an odd request, but it’s the best way to understand your current brand and build upon it clearly.

Here’s a sample email you can use to gather feedback:

Dear Tracy,

I’m currently on a journey to grow my career, and I am beginning by creating a brand that others can trust and depend on. With your help, I’d like to clearly understand how others see me and the value I add. Would you please take a moment and answer the following four questions?

  1. What talents do you believe I have that add value to others?
  2. When you think of me and my gifts and talents, what would you say are my strengths?
  3. What four words come to mind when you think of me?
  4. How have you seen me help individuals and teams succeed?

I’d be grateful if you would reply with your answers within the next 48 hours.

Thank you for being such a trusted and supportive friend on my career journey,


The answers to these four questions will provide insight into how others view your strengths[RF1] , which will help shape your brand professionally. Every year, you will “test your tribe” by asking a new group [RF2] of trusted and supportive friends to describe your brand.

2.   Undergo the DISC Leadership Assessment

The DISC Leadership Assessment is a remarkable brand-building practice for aspiring leaders. This assessment grants insight into what naturally drives an individual, revealing their unique strengths and weaknesses for use in their career.

A brand based on solid self-knowledge can be a solid foundation for pursuing success. And with DISC taking just 30 minutes of your time, there is no reason not to invest in understanding yourself better.

The invaluable insights these assessments uncover help individuals build a brand story that stands out above the rest. In partnership with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, I’m offering a discounted price to my tribe.  Click here to take your DISC Leadership Assessment and receive your instant DISC results.

By understanding and communicating your unique strengths, you can make sure you stand out from the competition when applying for jobs or networking with potential employers or clients. Knowing what sets you apart is key to advancing your career and building a trustworthy, dependable personal brand.

3.   Ask Your Boss

At least once a year, your boss gives you a performance evaluation. It’s an excellent opportunity to get feedback on how you’re doing and what areas need improvement.

Go back over the last three years and see what feedback you’ve already received. Make a list of what repeats year after year. Include areas in which you do well and those of opportunity.

Write down what your boss values about your performance. Knowing what they value in you is an essential part of building a professional brand.

Struggling With How to Ask Your Boss for Feedback?

One of the best ways to ask your boss for positive feedback is to sit down with them and have an open, honest conversation. When you do, express your appreciation for their time and patience and convey your commitment to continued growth and improvement.


This will show them you are serious about your professional development and genuinely interested in improving. Ask for constructive feedback or suggestions that may help you move forward.

This is a great way to build trust with your boss and gain insight into the areas you need to focus on for improvement. It also shows you are serious about your personal and professional development, which can help bolster your brand.

At the end of the day, having a strong understanding of who you are and what sets you apart from those around you is the key to establishing yourself as an industry leader. The DISC Leadership Assessment can help you identify and communicate your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, resulting in career success. If you’re ready to make a serious investment in yourself and your future, don’t hesitate to take the assessment today!

Building a personal brand is essential for career success. When you understand your superpower, and who it brings value to, you can begin building your professional brand. Having an understanding of who you are and how you can make an impact is vital when it comes to using your unique skills to brand yourself as a leader in your industry.

And don’t forget that asking your boss for feedback is an important part of this process. It enables you to gain insight into where improvement is needed and what about your performance is valued.

A strong understanding of who you are sets you apart from those around you.

Take control of your career path by creating a brand story that is as unique as you are. When you learn how important you are and the value you were created to bring, a world of opportunities comes your way. 

Now go forth and conquer!

Your Career Strategist,


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