The Superpower Purpose Statement (SPS) to Create Your Unique Career Brand Story 


For the last several weeks, we’ve been learning the benefits of creating a career brand and telling your unique brand story. Now that you have gathered information from your tribe, it’s time to spell out your discoveries and create your brand story.

A great tool to start with is your Superpower Purpose Statement (SPS). This statement will guide you and your career for the next twelve month. Crafting this statement will help you focus on the principles driving your career success.

Your SPS will be the guiding light of your personal brand story as you move into a successful career. Spend some time thinking about what drives you, and use this statement to focus your energy on your goals for the next year. This is your chance to show off who you are and share your unique brand story with the world.

Remember, your Brand Story sets you apart from everyone else and allows people to see the real you. So let’s create your SPS:

Begin Thinking of Yourself as a Brand

Think of your brand as the experience people have when they encounter you or engage with your work. Ask yourself questions like:

  • “What type of experience do I want to convey?”
  • “What kind of impression do I want others to have when interacting with my work?”
  • “How do I want others to feel when they work with me?”

The answers to these questions will help guide your brand’s creation. They form the basis of your career brand story, which is the story you want to tell and want others to continuously tell about you.

Create Your Superpower Purpose Statement

Your Superpower Purpose Statement = What You Do (Talent) + Who You Are + Why You Do It (Passion)

What You Do

The first step is to collect some keywords from all the work you’ve done so far. Now, go back and look at your list of unique gifts, skills and talents. Write down 4-5 gifts, skills and talents you have identified.

This is what you do.

Who You Are

Next, look at the emails from your tribe and the notes from your boss detailing the many ways you add value. Write down all the repeated words or phrases. List how your tribe repeatedly says you contribute.

Also, review your DISC assessment. What resonates with you? Pull 3-5 sentences or phrases that you really loved about your DISC assessment, the things that made you say, “Yes! That’s me!” Now you have several words, phrases, and sentences that describe your brand.

This is you, my friend, and this is who you are.

Why You Do It

Now it’s time to get in touch with the why behind your work. What is the passion that drives you? Why do you feel so strongly about what you do? It could be an overall mission or something that motivates you to keep going.

Now you know what you do, let’s discover why you do it. When you think about using your skills, gifts, and talents, why do you do it? What drives you to do what you do? In what ways does it bring you joy?

Simon Sinek says when it comes to your why. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” So why do you do what you do? This is about the end game.

This is why you do it.

Your Brand Story

Now for the fun part. Take all of that information and write down a sentence or two summing up your Brand Story. Make sure it’s vibrant and relevant and expresses who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Think of this as your personal motto or slogan. This will be something that you can read over and over again to remind yourself why you do what you do.

This statement is taken directly from my tribe and my DISC Assessment and ends with my passion.

If you are a marketing specialist, your SPS could sound like this:

“My superpower is my understanding of marketing principles coupled with my ability to engage and convert customers with creative strategies to help your business reach its goals. Making a difference in people’s lives is my passion!”

If you are a human resources professional, your SPS could sound like this:

“My superpower is my ability to create an atmosphere of open communication and understanding where employees can produce their best work. Building relationships that help others reach their highest potential is my passion!”

If you are a sales professional, your SPS could sound l like this:

“My superpower is my ability to build long-lasting relationships that result in sales. Helping others experience success is my passion!”

These Superpower Purpose Statements are just guidelines, so feel free to write your own based on what you’ve learned about yourself and your brand. Remember, this is your brand story, and it should be specific to you.

Now that you’ve discovered your brand story, take the time to think about how this influences what you do daily. What principles will help guide you? How can these be applied in all areas of your career and life? The brand story you have discovered will help guide every decision and action, so make sure it resonates with you and stands the test of time.

By discovering your brand story, you are now aware of who you are and why you do what you do. This knowledge can build confidence in yourself and your brand, which will show outwardly.

Remember that every brand is unique, so take the time to focus on what makes you distinctive and remarkable. The brand story you have discovered will serve as your lighthouse, and it’s up to you to stay true to who you are.

When you spell out your brand story and commit to living it every day, your career and life will reach new heights. So don’t be scared to put yourself out there and let your brand story shine! You have something special to offer the world, so let your brand help you make a mark on it. Your brand story will lead the way!

Happy Branding! 🙂

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