About Coach Andrea Oden

Andrea Oden is a master coach who holds life, relationship, and leadership coaching certifications. In 2000, she broke through the glass ceiling of an over 50-year-old Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, becoming their first female licensed and ordained minister at New St John Community Baptist Church. To this day, she holds the only license ever issued to a female from the church.

As a bestselling author, Andrea has written several books on relationships, including the award-winning book, Catching Hell… Trying to Love a Black Man.  This book takes a good, hard look at the problems facing black women and highlights why every woman should take an honest look at herself before placing blame on the black man.

As a result of this book, in 2021 Andrea was requested by a top religious organization to host breakup masterclasses for those struggling to get over relationships and heal from heartache.  With the first workshop launching in April of 2022, fifteen scheduled workshops are filled to capacity. 

Andrea is on a journey to help God’s people turn their pain into power and every breakup into a beautiful breakthroughs.

If your heart could use some mending, if your love life needs some work, Andrea is the Coach for you!

Follow Andrea on social media @andreaocoach and find out why she’s wearing the Black Hat!

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