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Principles of Promotion!

Principles of Promotion is mandatory reading when you’re ready to take your career to the next level.

In Principles of Promotion, Andrea Oden teaches key strategies and guiding principles that have been used to promote leaders at every level.

Principles of Promotions will teach you:
* How to develop a professional brand that will help you get seen, get heard and get paid;
* How to use your unique leadership voice to communicate at every level;
* How to grow your level of influence so that promoting you becomes the obvious choice;
* Why developing your strengths is way more valuable than working on your weaknesses;
* Why some people get promoted while others remain stagnant for years!

These and other strategies and principles will change the way you look at your career and how you view projects, people and priorities.

Apply the 13 Principles of Promotion and watch your career take off!

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