Throughout 2022 I am hosting the Breakupmasterclass. I’m so excited to share with you the strategies to deal with a breakup. Breakups can leave long-lasting heart wounds.

This year I’m wearing the Black Hat. I am the villain in the story, assigned to destroy heartache and heartbreak. I’m riding into your life and destroying everything that has been robbing you of your joy. I’m holding hostage the things that have been dressed up to convince you it’s love, but only leads to heartache. You deserve happiness.  You deserve to be loved just as you are, in all your glorious splendor.  You deserve unconditional love even on your worse days!

You’re not going to want to miss this masterclass.

Nine years ago, I wrote a book called Catching Hell Trying to Love a Black Man. Since that time, I’ve received countless messages from my readers on Facebook, Instagram, via text messages, etc., all screaming the same message: “Andrea, it’s time for a new book.” Many of my fans (wow, I have fans) have literally been begging me to write a new relationship book. I haven’t been ready until now!

Now I’m ready. I have something to say about love. This time, I am going to grab love by the throat and put it in a chokehold until it cries, “Auntie.” Get ready for the new book. Instead of trying desperately to love a man, we are learning how to BE loved!

I will show you how not to settle, and most importantly, HOW TO CHOOSE HAPPINESS. You’ll learn that inviting the right kind of love into your life is all about loving yourself and then presenting a well-loved woman to the world.

Catching Hell Trying to Love a Black Man

The Book that Started the Series!

Black women seem to be “Catching Hell” trying to fall in love and stay in love with a black man. This book takes a good, hard look at the problems facing black women and highlights why every woman should take an honest look at herself before placing blame on the black man. Andrea’s brutally honest and tough-love approach will challenge readers to look at past relationships through a “Coroner’s Report” view. Women learn quickly to accept responsibility, establish dating standards, and put firm and unmovable guardrails in place.

Andrea hits hard with the question, “Are you who…the person you’re looking for…is looking for?”

Before attempting your next relationship with a black man, give this book a try. You might be surprised to discover a new and improved you who makes better choices in the love department. You might even find the love you’ve been looking for — a love made in heaven!

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