Yes, I am an author too. I’ve written a few books on my favorite subjects! Faith, Career, Relationships & of course, Love!

The Road Without You: A Journey Through Grief

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In the face of devastating loss, navigating the path of grief can feel like a journey through the darkest night without a guide. Andrea Oden, your compassionate friend and experienced life strategist, delivers “Your Journey Through Grief”, a beacon of hope for those grappling with the loss of a loved one. With thoughtful writing prompts, heartfelt prayers, and empowering scripture passages, this book provides solace and direction in your most challenging moments. More than a book, it is a journey of healing, transformation, and an invitation to rediscover joy amidst sorrow. Embark on your journey with “Your Journey Through Grief” and illuminate your path with courage, resilience, and serenity.

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On The Way to the Funeral, Funny things Happen

When the going gets tough, the tough get laughing!


This seemingly grim setting transforms into a backdrop for hilarious, heartwarming, and even outrageous family tales. From stepping over a sleeping cousin Raymond who took over her living room floor for four days, to the countless chickens and plastic containers filled with potato salad, every page of this book brims with real, relatable, and funny family experiences.

Andrea invites you to join her beautiful Black family in their riotous journey through love, loss, and everything in between.

Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or simply need a good laugh, this book reassures you that it’s fine to laugh out loud—even at a funeral.

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Brand Yourself Before Someone Else Does

Unleash your potential with “Brand Yourself Before Someone Else Does” – your comprehensive personal and professional growth guide. This razor-sharp book, authored by Andrea Oden, an experienced leadership and career strategist, is essential for anyone daring to take charge of their future. It delves into the intricate world of personal branding, guiding you on how to carve out a unique brand story that sets you apart in your industry. Gain a deep understanding of the essence of branding, its profound significance, and the array of strategies available to you for crafting an authentic and captivating narrative. Learn to wield social media to your advantage, articulate a personal mission statement that resonates, and build beneficial relationships with industry influencers. Illustrated with real-life tales of triumph and disappointment, this book offers priceless insights and lessons. Whether you’re a fledgling professional or an experienced one looking to rejuvenate your career, “Brand Yourself Before Someone Else Does” is your indispensable roadmap to standing out and escalating your career in today’s cutthroat job landscape.

When You’re Serious About Your Career, It’s Time To Brand It

Principles of Promotion!

How Do I Get Promoted?

What does it take to get promoted?
As a Director of Human Resources for a Fortune 100 company, the question I got more than any other was: “What does it take to get promoted around here?”

That’s why I wrote Principles of Promotion. After spending years coaching and mentoring leaders, I decided to write it all down and design a program to help as many leaders as possible grow their careers. These strategies are designed with you in mind. Using your unique Genius and your individual Superpower, we design a program to get you promoted time and time again. These proven principles have helped thousands of leaders navigate their careers and get promoted time and time again.

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The Breakup Journal

During the pandemic, I coached a group of women in a virtual bible study on healthy relationships. One day the bible study took a dramatic turn, and we began talking about breakups. This turned into 15 sessions of the Breakup Masterclass. With these amazing women, I created a journal to help ease the pain of going through a breakup. This guided journal is designed to help you take a loving look inside yourself.

You’ll discover your love superpower and tap into your Queenly strength. With guided prompts, you’ll be able to reflect on the root causes and love patterns that have previously defined your relationships.

There’s a saying, “You teach people how to love you, by how you love yourself.” Take 15 days and learn to love yourself. Learn to love yourself so wholly; every man way.

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Love’s Coroner’s Report

Looking for closure after a breakup? Love’s Coroner’s Report can help. Guided journal prompts will help you uncover the real reasons your relationship failed, so you can learn from your mistakes and move on. With this report in hand, you’ll be able to avoid unhealthy relationships in the future and finally gain some peace of mind.

Don’t just accept that things didn’t work out – find out why, and learn from it. Love’s Coroner’s Report can help you do just that. So grab your lab coat and get started!

Available in Ebook and Softcover Journal

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Catching Hell Trying to Love…A Black Man

Black women seem to be “Catching Hell” trying to fall in love with and stay in love with a black man. This book takes a good, hard look at the problems facing black women and highlights why every woman should take an honest look at herself before placing blame on the black man.

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Revolving Door – The Love Story We All Need!

Revolving Door is my very first book. After ending a 14-year marriage, I began journaling. One day during a counseling session with my pastor, I pulled out my journals and started talking. After about 20 minutes, he said, “Is all that written in those journals? You should write a book!” That started my journey as a writer. I took what was written in my journals and turned into my very first fiction romance novel.

Revolving Door is the romance we all need.

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