Leadership Academy

As an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, I have gained tremendous insight and leadership strategies from my mentor John C. Maxwell. Twenty-five years ago, John transformed the definition of what a traditional leader was with his ground-breaking book, Developing the Leader Within You. Now, for the 25-year anniversary of this best-selling book, John is releasing Developing the Leader Within You online course for a new generation of leaders. This leadership program contains a 10-lesson online course based on John’s principle that a leader is not born, but made. You will learn how to lead yourself first so you can lead others well. Take this step toward growth and development.

What you get:

  • 10 lessons with leadership and personal growth expert, John C. Maxwell
  • 10 application video lessons to guide you in the application of these teachings in your leadership
  • On-demand, lifetime access to all video and additional content inside this course
  • Four personal coaching sessions with Coach Andrea Oden designed to get you prepared for the next level of leadership!

Developing the Leader Within You | $199

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