Love’s Coroner’s Report

Beginning April 4th, fifty women will be joining me on a healing journey and we’re inviting you to take the journey with us.

Let’s be honest! Breakups suck! No matter how it ended, you still have questions about yourself. “Am I good enough? What the heck happened? Why can’t I find a good man?”

Beloved, let me introduce you to Love’s Coroner’s Report. I believe there are 3 steps to healing your heart after a breakup. They are each very different. Love’s Coroner’s Report is the beginning steps to your healing journey.

Using guided journal prompts to help you uncover the real reasons your relationship failed, you will see clearly the mistake you made and how to avoid the same heartache in the future. You’ll learn your love’s superpowers as well as your love’s kryptonite – the things that will hurt you. With this report in hand, you’ll be able to avoid unhealthy relationships in the future and finally gain some peace of mind. You will learn valuable lessons about yourself and about the men you’ve dated.

Don’t just accept that things didn’t work out – find out why and learn from it. Love’s Coroner’s Report can help you do just that.

Love’s Coroner’s Report is available in Digital Download and as a Softcover Printed Journal.

You are the Coroner. Love’s Coroner’s Report provides you with all the tools necessary to get the answers you need. It’s time to go beneath the surface and figure out the real cause of death behind that relationship!

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