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A well-designed outplacement partner can go a long way for both transitioning employees and the companies who had to let them go.

As a professional recruiter and leadership coach, my team offers cutting-edge career transition tools and services to ensure your transitioning or former employees find their next career.

Downsizing and lay-offs are tough for the company and the employee. I offer individualized career transition services include highly personalized coaching and a technologically-driven approach to putting people back to work faster at an affordable cost.

Outplacement Strategy:

 1. A Personalized Approach: Eligible participants are contacted as soon as possible to create a customized career transition plan based on their specific needs.

2. Custom-Crafted Resume Upgrade: A professional resume writer will craft a keyword and SEO-optimized resume for the participant that is tailored to highlight their unique skills, expertise, and personal brand. 

3. Individualized Job Search Technology: Access to thousands of open opportunities with top-rated companies offering connections to opportunities candidates may not be able to reach on their own.

4. Social Media and Networking: Our career transition program includes every aspect of networking through social media and other specialized networking organizations.

5. Personal Branding and Interviewing: We use a proprietary DISC assessment to help participants start to build their brand to help them understand their strengths and articulate past successes. With a focus on behavioral-based interviewing, participants can participate in mock video interview preparation, receiving immediate feedback to ensure each participant is prepared to land their next opportunity.

6. Ongoing Career Support: Unlike most outplacement providers, we assist and work with our participants even after they have secured. We stay connected to each participant and ensure they grow and thrive in their new roles. We offer ongoing coaching opportunities, training, and networking opportunities.

Career transitions are different for each person. No matter their role in your organization, our solutions offer an experience that fits each person individually.

Let’s discuss an outplacement strategy for your organization!

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