Partnerships are vitally important and I believe in partnering with the best.

I am proud to partner with the following organizations.

Recruiting Partner

As a leadership coach, I train leaders, but what happens when that leader needs a new job or needs to make a career change?

As a Recruiting Partner with Goodwin Recruiting, my team helps match individuals to the career of their dreams. We help companies attract, hire and retain top talent.

Brand Ambassador

A.I.R. Network supports women in their leadership journey.  The goal is simple.  To help women who Aspire to greatness… to Inspire women of every age, background and journey… and Require the world to value the voice of women in leadership! .

Speaker & Coach

Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell says in order to reach your potential, you must be intentional about personal growth.

As a certified leadership coach, growth is always at the center of my coaching programs. I offer online leadership training lead by John C. Maxwell.

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