The Speaker Owns the Room

The Speaker Owns the Room!

This is a true statement whether the speaker is a great motivator who makes you want to change your life, or if the speaker has you bored to the point of tears.  The speaker owns the room even after she has left the room.  Don’t believe me?  How often have you left an event and were still talking about the speaker the next day?  How many sermons have you heard that left you excited to share that message with others with the hopes of helping them on their life’s journey?  That’s because the speaker knew how to write and deliver a message for maximum impact.

Speakers Own the Room is an exclusive speakers’ masterclass designed to give you the tools necessary to be a speaker of maximum impact, a speaker who owns the room, leaving the audience talking about you and your message long after you leave the room. 

When you take the stage or enter a pulpit, your job is to speak with authenticity, influence, and power.  When you communicate with confidence and poise, your presence will be desired in important places.  When you learn to influence the decisions of decision-makers using your voice, your career takes flight.  No matter what career path you’re on, learning to captivate an audience pushes you farther, faster.  The speaker owns the room.  Become a speaker who owns the room while you’re there and long after you’ve left that room.

Whether you’re looking to grow your corporate career or give life-changing sermons.  Perhaps you’re ready to launch a speaking career or just need to strengthen your presentation skills; this speaker training is for you.

Speakers Own The Room is for you if:

  • You are a speaker who needs help creating and delivering high-impact speeches;
  • You are an author ready to generate more book sales by turning parts of your book into training content or keynote speeches;
  • You are a pastor or minister ready to engage your congregation, making them true disciples in the earth;
  • You are a leader looking to grow your career to the next level;
  • You are in sales or any position that requires you to speak with influence and authority.

With this training, you’ll learn:

  • Your Authentic Speaking Style based on Your Unique Personality
  • The Steps to Develop Engaging Speeches
  • To Speak with the Confidence to Command Any Audience
  • The Easiest Way to Market Yourself and Your Career Using Speaking Skills
  • To Become the Expert “Voice “in Your Industry and Own the Room

At the end of this 6-week masterclass, you will have:

  • The skills needed to create speeches that make you unforgettable,
  • A signature speech that will become part of your brand story,
  • A professional Speakers Sheet to market your speaking skills,
  • An Own the Room Speaker Certification to give you the credentials needed to open doors to professional speaking engagements

About Your Coach

Master Speaker Andrea Oden is a highly requested motivational speaker and leadership influencer.

Her leadership platform reaches and serves thousands of leaders each year.  Andrea is a highly sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 companies, and as an ordained minister, she is celebrated for her unique ability to coach and train speakers in the Christian community.

Andrea has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives and careers of countless industry leaders, including celebrity brand influencers, athletes, CEOs, ministers, and prominent church pastors.  Andrea can teach you to speak with influence on stage, and in every place your voice matters. You’ll learn to speak powerfully in meetings, host webinars, influence conversations with clients, ace job interviews and more. Partnering with some of the best speakers, facilitators and coaches in the business, Andrea’s team is ready to teach you how to Own the Room!

2023 Speakers Own the Room Bootcamps

Applications for the June 2023 Masterclass Are Now Closed!

Applications for September 2023 Masterclass Are Now Closed!

Applications for January 2023 Masterclass – Coming in December

For more information, email

Need More Individualized Private Speaker Coaching?

  • 6 hours of private coaching (this could be for a specific speech or presentation you’re working on)
  • Speech writing strategies to help you craft the perfect speech or presentation
  • 2 hours of private Zoom Meeting coaching
  • Lessons and worksheets to help you tailor your message or speech
  • Video coaching where I will film you while you’re speaking so we can analyze the video together
  • Receive tips, inspiration and other individualized information
  • Access to my extensive network for speaking and other opportunities

Price:  Upon Request Email:

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