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The Breakup Journal

Healing Love’s Heartbreak One Word At A Time

The Breakup Journal is designed to help you answer the unanswered questions:

What happened?

Am I good enough?

Will I ever find love?

This guided journal is designed to help you take a loving look inside yourself.

You’ll discover your love superpower and tap into your Queenly strength. With daily prompts, you’ll be able to reflect on the root causes and love patterns that have previously defined your relationships.

There’s a saying, “You teach people how to love you by how you love yourself.” Take 15 days and learn to love yourself. Learn to love yourself so wholly; every man watching will stand up and take notice and want to love you too.

The Breakup Journal:

Put yourself first this time. Fall in love with yourself and learn to invite the right love into your life.

Your future husband will thank you!

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