The Breakup Masterclass


Going through a breakup can be devastating. No matter who ended the relationship, you’re left with questions. Am I good enough? Will I ever find love? Every woman has experienced heartbreak. It’s an inevitable experience, regardless of who you are. Women of all walks of life experience the same feeling you’re experiencing right now. As bad as you feel right now, I want you to know you’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. It doesn’t matter why or how your relationship ended, you are fearfully and wonderfully designed. I wrote this journal and the exercises while an eight-year relationship was dissolving. I know what it’s like to go from feeling strong and confident to finding yourself feeling confused and insecure.

The Breakup Masterclass is a digital self-directed course, where you will receive daily guided prompts to help you navigate this season. You will go from love’s heartbreak to life’s break though.

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Love’s Coroner’s Report

Nine years ago, I wrote a book called Catching Hell Trying to Love a Black Man. Inside the book was a section called, “The Coroner’s Report” where readers were able to use guided prompts to discover what killed their relationship. Since that time, I’ve received countless messages from my readers on Facebook, Instagram, via text messages, etc., asking me to write more about the coroner’s report. So I am proud to introduce,

Love’s Coroner’s Report – What Killed Your Relationship!

This ebook will help guide you in conducting an autopsy on your last relationship. It’s important to know why your last relationship died. Just like a true autopsy report, we will look beneath the surface to discover the true cause of death.

We will discover what killed the relationship, just like a true coroner’s report, by reviewing:

• Underlying Marks and Scars

• Evidence of Injury

• Forensic Details

• Findings

• Coroner’s Opinion

Get your copy of Love’s Coroner’s Report today!

Your future husband will thank you!

Catching Hell Trying to Love a Black

The Book Every Woman Should Read!

Black women seem to be “Catching Hell” trying to fall in love and stay in love with a black man. This book takes a good, hard look at the problems facing black women and highlights why every woman should take an honest look at herself before placing blame on the black man. Andrea’s brutally honest and tough-love approach will challenge readers to look at past relationships through a “Coroner’s Report” view. Women learn quickly to accept responsibility, establish dating standards, and put firm and unmovable guardrails in place.

Andrea hits hard with the question, “Are you who…the person you’re looking for…is looking for?”

Before attempting your next relationship with a black man, give this book a try. You might be surprised to discover a new and improved you who makes better choices in the love department. You might even find the love you’ve been looking for — a love made in heaven!

Available Here on Amazon

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