As a dynamic keynote speaker and ordained minister, Andrea Oden captivates, empowers, and leaves audiences wanting more.

In 2000, she broke through the glass ceiling of an over 50-year-old Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, becoming the first female licensed and ordained minister at New St John Community Baptist Church. To this day, she holds the only license ever issued to a female from the church, but she definitely seeks to change that by equipping women to stand in their truth, power and authenticity.

With a Bible in one hand and a microphone in the other, it’s easy to understand why thousands flock to hear her speak every year.

If you are looking for someone to speak on powerful, life-transforming topics from “What’s Wrong with Your Love Story” to “Jesus Came For You Girl!”

When you need an anointed, powerhouse for your women’s retreats, leadership conferences or Christian events, Andrea is the one to call.

With over 20 years in life & relationship coaching and ministry, combined with over 15 years of Human Capital experience, what Andrea does best is energize people with a unique combination of truth, authenticity, and life-changing strategies. Andrea also serves as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Leadership Team where she coaches and writes speeches for C-Suite leaders in Fortune 100 organizations, religious leaders, and major growth brands.   

Find out why Andrea  Oden is one of today’s most-requested motivational speakers!

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