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I’m Coach Andrea Oden

I am a Certified Leadership Coach as well as a Professional Life Strategist. What that means is I help leaders discover their unique voice in leadership and ultimately in life. People tell me I am the “purpose whisperer”. I am truly a coach who understands that Career and Life go together.

Although it is possible to have a successful career without having a great life… who really wants that? My passion is to help women grow up, show up, speak up, power up, and pull others up. I am on a mission to help leaders be the best version of themselves in their businesses, careers, ministries, and families.

Let’s do life & career together!


  • Leaders who truly want to know their purpose in life and the unique value they add to the world;
  • Clients who are hungry for their next level;
  • Those who have experienced some success in their careers but know there’s more…but don’t know how to get there;
  • Ministry leaders who are looking to grow their speaking and leadership skill
  • Coachable leaders who trust that their coach has their best interest in mind;
  • Action Takers;
  • Clients who are committed to playing full out;
  • Those who value time, creativity and results;
  • Results-oriented Clients;
  • Clients who are passionate and intentional about their life, their career and their growth!

Take a tour of my website. If you’d like to chat, email us at info@andreaoden.com

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